Services of AISEA

Free Incubation Center

Incubation center is a workplace related to offer startups and new venture access to the resources they need, all under one roof. Incubators also provide resident companies access to expert advisors, mentors, administrative support, office equipment, training and other potential investors.

Startup incubation provides support, mentorship, resources, and helps startups to grow their business. The incubator provides mentoring from their eminent mentors and also provide funding support to incubate companies. It has become globally evident that the competitiveness of any enterprise depends on its ability to innovate with respect to its products, services, and systems and to distinguish itself in terms of its competitors in the market. The innovations of the company that has developed it by investing substantial intellectual efforts in creating new and alternative designs. In addition, design registrations can also become important sources of wealth to the company through royalties.

Why Incubation?

The incubation process allows entrepreneurs to preserve capital and gain external support to accelerate their businesses growth. Through business incubation, the Enterprise Center captures each entrepreneurs uniqueness and offers support and customized services to maximize businesses potential. The ultimate goal of incubation is to launch profitable, sustainable entrepreneurial companies. 

Benefits of incubation center

  • Business and Technical Assistance
  • Affordable/Flexible Lease Space
  • A Network of Relationships with other Business Owners
  • Ability to Adjust Business Model to Market Conditions
  • Financial Assistance and Advice
  • Preservation of Working Capital


Many people are looking for ideas to start a start-up. If one is having idea he does know how to implement it. And 

one wrong step can lead to closing before starting. So the right step is to investigate the problems and find the solution and with the right approach startup will be more needed by the people and the product or service you offer will be able to reach more customers. 

We at AISEA helps you in connecting with a Large no of investors, mentors. So be a part of AISEA and with our help take your start-up to heights. 

Advantages of Being a part of AISEA
  1. Have your own Identity
  2. Tell people about your start-up
  3. More followers
  4. Connect with Investors, Mentors
  5. Expand your business globally
  6. More connections

Virtual Office

The world has changed suddenly due to Covid -19 but nothing is limited. You can have anything which you eagerly wish for. If you are willing to take an office than GMS road would be the perfect address for your office. We are here to fulfill all your needs. Join our growing team who are passionately working at our location where they are feeling the comfort of their home. 

We are offering 

 ∙ Real Physical Address

  Trusted Reliable Stable service

  • Mail Handling 
  • Customer service
  • Telemarketing
  • Information Screening
  • Order Taking
  • Dispatching
  • Office Facilities


Our Services


We fund high-impact ideas of entrepreneurs and transform them into concrete realities. From government grants and angel investors to venture capitalists – we ensure the funding sources that fit the financial needs of startups are acquired.


We provide and encompass a wide variety of infrastructure support including advice, finance, access to research and specialists that support collective solutions. We understand the critical role infrastructure plays on the road to successful, innovative entrepreneurship.


We have a pool of experienced mentors from a wide range of sectors who offer their expert insights and learning to guide promising entrepreneurs on their journey from a local startup to a profitable global business.

Ideas to Implement

We nurture and scale early stage high quality innovative startups to build resilient enterprises that create sustainable growth, new jobs, strengthen the economy and revitalize communities. We create the optimal ecosystem to foster innovative ideas so that they flourish into successful ventures.

Operational Excellence

We provide enhanced operational effectiveness for startups to keep running at their optimum economic potential. Our service thus ensures entrepreneurs process simulation, quality performance and profitability.

Creating Social Impact

We identify and support transformational entrepreneurs who build companies designed to have a social impact while being in a sustainable revenue model. This enterprising win-win approach from B2B and B2C is a significant element in our startup ecosystem.