NRI Startup India is formed by a team of NRIs and global partners who are successful and professional entrepreneurs based at various geographical locations across the globe. These individuals have come together to frame a winning strategy for entrepreneurship and innovation that mobilizes and spearheads to the forefront India’s foremost talents and creative geniuses.


Good and consistent investor relationships are a critical component of successful entrepreneurship. There are several elements to investor relationships. ‘Investor relations’ is far more than sending a quarterly piece of formal communication. Investor relations is about building, cultivating, and investing in a mutually beneficial relationship. Investors are part of the startup’s community. For many angel investors, family offices and impact investors, the success of startups is about more than financial returns. It’s also about the difference the company brings to the lives of others. Nevertheless, keeping investors informed about the progress of a startup is a major challenge to achieving ongoing ROI. You can be rest assured that reporting, progress monitoring and impact evaluation are our key focus areas.


Incubation is a collaborative program designed to help new startups succeed. We enable technology entrepreneurs to build global startups – leveraging technology to solve real world problems. Our incubation centre helps entrepreneurs solve some of the problems commonly associated with running a startup by providing workspace, seed funding, mentoring and training. Our area of responsibility is to help entrepreneurs grow their business. We therefore assist in fast tracking their progress using mechanics such as by assessing market conditions and the entrepreneur’s requirements, identify team and service providers, arrange resources and establish industry links.


There is a growing need to build into a startup’s development and journey a holistic understanding of the journey and its culmination. This can be achieved by integrating service ecosystems that connect experience-based and globally recognized methods, tools and knowledge in a systematic manner. We believe in academic studies as well as holistic relations and our training focuses on building a 360 degree, multilevel understanding of entrepreneurship through various perspectives. We connect all relevant topics with links to keywords, resources and tools for further self learning to turn theory into action and action into reality. Our core target is to raise the volume of India’s entrepreneurship and likelihood of a startup’s success.


As entrepreneurs work to create a scalable startup, building strategic global partnerships can accelerate scaling, help leverage global opportunities, and access global supply chains. This strategic partnership gives startups the ability to leverage subject matter experts, mentors, pilot programs, joint go-to-market initiatives and marketing support. Global partnerships provide startups with the opportunity to work with established companies to pilot and validate their products and technologies. This is a win-win partnership and imbues a sense of empowerment in promising startups.