Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled.
So teach your child to be a job creator instead of being a job seeker.

We understand that the world is perpetually changing and traditional study methods are not doing justice to our ever-curious young learners and children.

 They deserve a devoted guide and innovative approach of teaching them the one thing that matters the most in the world to be self independent.


We at AISEA believe that , everyone   should have the mentality to become job providers and not job seekers and contribute to the economy of the country.
So what you are waiting for  Start your Entrepreneurship learning with real world concepts that schools don’t teach. Let us  become our  own bosses and rule the world with their leadership skills!

Aisea business school evaluate specific  level of understanding,  encourages  learning-goals and give the best customized sessions so that you  stops at nothing and achieve your goals.

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Why AISEA Business schools

There is no age limit for starting business and learning new skills. Despite numerous struggles we can learn numerous lessons from AISEA incubation center.

Our incubation center consist of specific things they are highly motivating  and also there are two things that require a degree of responsibility that they can demonstrate through the consistency of running a business.

We at AISEA Business schools focuses on the below things mainly.

Find a Problem and Solve It

Learn Self-Discipline and Motivation

Be Consistent

Learn Interpersonal Skills

Set and Measure Goals

Think Outside the Box

Learn Through Struggles and Adversity


Benefits of joining AISEA’s business schools

What we do

Great things in business are never done by one person.

They’re done by a team of people. We have that dynamic group of peoples.

Generate Ideas

We have numerous incubation centers at different institutions so that Youngsters have an platform for running their business.


We have numerous teachers and Mentors who are always ready to guide your child in any form.


We use modern techniques for teaching your child.


Regular seminar and workshops are done

Entrepreneurial Skills.


Being creative means being bold and imaginative and not limiting your thinking to what’s already done.


It’s rare for someone to accomplish things alone. Seek out teams with diverse perspectives, skills, and talents.


When you have opportunities to speak about your idea, you want to do so as effectively as possible (this takes practice!)


The key to innovation is to let your mind spread its wings and fly. The more ideas the better, wild and silly ideas welcome!


Business models help answer questions like: What will it cost to make your product? What should you change?


It’s important to gather information about your potential users so you can turn your ideas into something they will want.


To develop effective solutions, entrepreneurs need to put the user first and seek out feedback in order to design with uses in mind.


Entrepreneurs create prototypes–simple models to explain their idea, get feedback, and learn how their product can be improved.


Rallying people around your idea is critical! Effective “pitches” to potential users and investors are clear, short, and persuasive

Entrepreneurial Mindsets


Always ask “why?” and “what if…” to seek new and creative ways of learning and doing.


Dare to step out of your comfort zone to accomplish great things


Learn to work through failure to create solutions for the problems you are passionate about


Actively observe, identify, and act on circumstances where you can innovate or solve a problem

Problem Solving

Proactively develop creative solutions to the problems around you


Be confident and hopeful in your ability to innovate and your potential for making an impact


Develop quick and clever ways to overcome challenges (and don’t worry, you can always iterate!)


Think about other people’s needs and feelings keeping these in mind when solving a problem


Make smart changes when challenges arise without losing heart or giving up

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